The Coffee Boys Mastermind Group

What exactly is a Mastermind Group – And how can YOU get involved?

Fifteen years ago we got involved in our own mastermind group…

Since then all members have gone on to achieve HUGE success in their various businesses and between us we have:

  • Sold over £65 million of products and services in business that we owned.
  • Employed over 1300 people
  • Started twenty different businesses in a variety of markets
  • Created three best selling books in two different markets – one of which is being made into a major motion picture later this year
  • Regularly appeared (and been paid) to be on the BBC as business experts
  • Worked with Gordon Ramsay recently to advise on coffee shop food products that sell
  • A  TV production company creating the pilot Coffee Boys TV program for release later this year
  • Advised and consulted with dozens of high profile clients and added millions to the bottom line of a variety of hospitality businesses

NONE of this would have been possible without the support, advice and counsel of our mastermind group.

And that’s why we have decided, after years of requests, to create a Coffee Boys Mastermind group.  This group is for ten people who want to make dramatic growth in their business profits during the next year.

The group starts on the 28th and 29th of June 2011 and those who qualify will receive the following:

  • Three, two-day, and one, one day mastermind sessions held in a private members club in London. These are the key to the masterminding process.  This is where all attendees sit round and work systematically on each other’s businesses.  This is where the real magic occurs and it’s in these sessions that we have managed to radically change our own businesses in the past.
  • Monthly group coaching calls where we help and assist with the implementation of the plans that have been developed at the mastermind sessions.
  • Unlimited email support from both Hugh Gilmartin and John Richardson during the year.   Only our highest paying consultancy clients receive this.
  • Three emergency SOS mobile phone calls.  If, during the year, you have any form of business emergency you can directly call us and we will, within reason, drop whatever we’re doing to provide support and advice.
  • Unlimited support from Paula MacArthur - founder of the Mastermind Agency and an exceptionally accomplished businesswoman in her own right.  Alongside the Mastermind Agency Paula owns an award winning business that has turnover in excess of £1 million.
  • Free entry and “Rock Star” treatment at all Coffee Boys events during the year. You will have two free passes into every event that we put on this year.  The cheapest of these events will be £127 per head and the most expensive will be £697 per head.  Topics will include marketing, management training, profitability training, assertiveness training and the Big Profit Event we are holding in October of this year.  This alone is worth many thousands of pounds.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly surprises - we’ll be regularly sending you surprises and gifts that relate directly to the success of your business and the market that you operate in.

So who IS The Coffee Boys Mastermind for?

  • Business owners with established and growing businesses who radically wish to accelerate their success and profitability
  • Senior managers within growing hospitality businesses that have the ability to influence fundamental change
  • ALL forms of hospitality businesses – this is NOT just restricted to Coffee Shops.  Our own businesses and consultancy business extend far beyond coffee shops and it’s important for the group to have a broad mix of business expertise
  • All participants MUST commit to turning up to each of the four mastermind meetings and openly sharing between the meetings – this doesn’t mean you have to explain excessively personal details or exact incomes but it does mean you must be open to share and help
  • All participants must be committed to facing up to some tough decisions in their businesses and taking action.  This is a program for people who take action – we will NOT be doing all the work for you


  • A serial Complainer who is dragged down by the “state of the economy”
  • You  are badly struggling in your business and looking for a rescue package
  • A Start up (unless you have a proven track record and are looking to grow very quickly)
  • Not prepared to share information with the rest of the group (please note however that all attendees will be required to sign forms that preclude talking about sensitive parts of each other’s businesses OUTSIDE of the group)
  • Not prepared to work hard during the year and make a reasonable financial commitment to the growth of your business

Entry into The Coffee Boys Mastermind group is by application only.  It is vital, for the success of everyone in the group, that all attendees are fully committed to the process of business growth.

To get a copy of the Mastermind application form please enter your name, email and telephone number in the box below or above to the right of the video.  If you are successful we will conduct a telephone interview to ask a few more questions and answer any further queries you may have.



If you have any further questions please call 0207 305 7005 or send an email to