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Here's Your Step-by-Step Blueprint To Create a Coffee Shop (or other Hospitality Business) That Predictably Makes Money Whether You're On Site Or not!


Cracking The Coffee Shop Profit Code
SPECIAL OFFER – For September And October All New Memberships Will Include The FULL Menu Masterclass Course – Nearly Four Hours Of Strategies, Tips And Analysis To Help You Create A Profitable Menu And Increase Average Spend

This Course Alone Was Sold At £177 + VAT And Is Included Within Your Initial £3.50

  • Eighteen modules presented in online video and text format – there are five modules when you first log in and every month we release two new strategies for you to work with and DIRECTLY apply to your business.
  • You IMMEDIATELY – for only £3.50 plus VAT –  get access to the core profit principles, the Passion module, the Positioning module, the Public Relations module and the Sampling module.
  • The modules are based on the EXACT principles and techniques we have used to build our own multi-million pound hospitality businesses and that we use with our clients.  Nothing is held back.
  • Monthly webinar (recorded) which will directly answer any questions you may have about the various modules.  i.e. we provide feedback and help along the way – we don’t just expect you to learn and apply by yourself.
  • New videos, interviews, case studies and techniques launched every month in an effort to keep you abreast of all future developments.
  • A step by step and proven guide to implementing these tactics in YOUR business.  This is about helping you to take ACTION – not just learn some complex theories.  We will move heaven and earth to help you get lasting profitable results for your business.
  • A half hour “one on one” strategy session with John Richardson to determine exactly what direction you should take – this is normally charged at £150 + VAT
  • Webinars every month directly answering any questions you might be having
So What Are These Eighteen Modules?
  • Module One – Key Profit Principles – this isn’t the same dry (and outdated) theory  you might have been taught years ago in a classroom.  These are the fundamental lessons you need to know about before you consider spending a penny on any marketing activity.  These concepts are about really drilling into your potential customers minds and then finding out exactly where they hang out – and, most importantly of all, how to attract them to your business.
  • Module Two – Passion.    We show you why passion is such an essential part of your business and, perhaps more importantly how to ensure your staff are as passionate as you about great products and service.  We explain how passion directly flows into you becoming a leader rather than just a manager.
  • Module Three – Positioning – This module teaches you exactly how to correctly identify where your customers are and how to appeal to them.  This may sound simple but it’s a vital part of the process to create a profitable business – and one that many operators simply do not grasp.
  • Module Four – Great Products.  Without great products you have no business.  In a tough economy, like we have today, you simply cannot survive without great products.  We show you, in great detail the exact processes we’ve gone through with our own multiple award winning food and beverage businesses and what we apply to our clients.  We show you exactly how to craft a menu using the three golden rules of product creation.  If you’re not applying these rules in YOUR business then you’re wasting time, annoying your customers AND missing out on profits.
  • Modules Five to Eight deal with People.  We show you exactly how to manage YOUR time within the business to maximise profits.  Then we show you how to recruit, train and retain great staff.  And finally we show you how to get in the mind of your customers and teach your staff to do the same.
  • Module Nine is Operational systems.  Once you have established your business it is vital that it starts to run as a well oiled system.  You simply do not have a business unless you can leave it comfortably for several weeks without worry.  We’ll show you the exact techniques we used to manage a multi-million pound turnover (and highly profitable) business on three hours a week.  This module alone should change your life.
  • Modules Ten to Seventeen are Marketing  – Within this we cover PR –  PR is the secret weapon I’ve used to transform my own food and beverage businesses (which include sandwich bars, restaurants, bars, fish and chip shops and coffee shops.  If you can grasp these concepts (and we make it VERY easy for you to do so) you will create a business that is unstoppable and which will utterly infuriate your competitors.  This module alone (and in the EXACT format we provide for you here) was originally priced at £295 + VAT)
  • We cover Sampling. Sampling is one of most underused methods of getting new customers and yet, when applied properly using out step by step process, can be devastatingly effective.
  • Advertising. We explode the myth that “advertising doesn’t work” and show you, with worked case studies and examples, how to put together very inexpensive campaigns that can potentially double your profits in a six to ten week period (as I once did with my fish and chip shops for a total cost of £900)
  • Signage. The use of signage correctly within your business is again one of these very cheap ways to drive new customers through the door but is also a method that is generally badly misunderstood.  Your signage needs to be driven by sound MARKETING PRINCIPLES not the desire of designers or signmakers to produce something pretty.
  •  Joint Ventures. This module explains how, very often at no cost, you can attract huge quantities of new customers to your business as well as building up potential new profit sources.
  • Direct Marketing. This module helps to explain the fundamental process that should underpin ALL your marketing efforts.  Here we describe how you can use leaflets, letters and various other inexpensive techniques to produce incredibly effective marketing campaigns. And you’ll learn exactly how to measure the effectiveness of these campaigns so you never waste another marketing pound again.
  • Module Eighteen is Money!   We go through, in simple terms, exactly how you need to structure your business to make profit.  We give you sample spreadsheets to control every aspect of what you’re doing.  If you’re not comfortable with these yourself we give full instructions so that you can hand them over to book keepers or other members of staff to manage for you.  This is the module that will change everything for you.

Don’t Forget!

SPECIAL OFFER – For September And October All New Memberships Will Include The FULL Menu Masterclass Course – Nearly Four Hours Of Strategies, Tips And Analysis To Help You Create A Profitable Menu And Increase Average Spend

This Course Alone Was Sold At £177 + VAT And Is Included Within Your Initial £3.50

Important Stuff You Need To Know…
  • TOTALLY RISK FREE – we have a 60 day “no questions asked” money back guarantee.  If you don’t like the course or the information for ANY reason then you can have all your money back.  And we guarantee not to ask you any difficult questions such as “Can you prove to me that you’ve applied the information?”.
  • If you have ANY questions or queries simply shoot me an email at John @ TheCoffeeBoys . Com
  • The information will be in online text form (and in downloadable PDF format) as well as in videos for viewing online or downloading to your PC, Mac or Ipod.   All information will be held within a secure membership site but you can download all modules you’ve paid for for future use should you decide to cancel.  You will receive immediate access to the first two modules via email.
  • Cracking the Coffee Shop Code is a recurring billing product.  After the initial £3.50 (+VAT) you will have a month’s access to the first modules and then you will be charged £49.50 (+VAT) until you cancel.  Your monthly billing statement will show the name Clickbank or CLKBANK*COM and not The Coffee Boys or Richardson Consulting